Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday, November 14, 2016


Monday, November 14, 2016

v Attention Students:  There are to be No Political signs allowed on campus, no exceptions!!!!  (SRO 11/9-11/14)

v JAG is selling cell phone accessories, power banks and selfie sticks for $15.  Earbuds and charger cables for $10.  Please see a JAG student or Mr. Merrill or Mrs. Sindar-House in Room 140.  We have completed a pre order so we have some stock to give you your NEW accessory right now!  (Merrill 10/25-11/18)

v STUDENTS!!!!  When you call to have your parents pick you up because you’re sick PLEASE come wait for them in the Clinic!  I CANNOT disrupt your classroom by calling or sending notes to get you!  Thanks.  (Clinic 11/2-11/30)

v Cougar Bowling season has arrived!  Interested students need to send an email to Mrs. Schmidt at to receive an information/signup packet.  (Schmidt 11/9-11/18)

v Students! Please attend tutoring for academic purposes.  If you are misbehaving and asked to leave you will need to call a parent to pick you up and will not be permitted to ride the late bus.  (Cohen 11/10-11/22)

v If you were in the clinic and left a black leather jacket, please come by to identify.  (Clinic 11/14)

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