Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

v Students!!!  The Water Bottle challenge is not permitted in and around school.  This game is causing safety issues for SSHS.  It can lead to the fire alarm being set off, which can and WILL lead to a $740.00 fine, arrest and criminal charges.  This is also a disturbance of school and will lead to suspension.  This can also set off the sprinklers which will cause damage to the building and YOU will be responsible for paying for repairs.  The other safety concerns include, if the bottles fall off of the rafters or ledges and strike another student causing physical damage, it could lead to civil charges.  (SRO 11/18-11/30)

v Students!  Are you interested in joining the Air Force?  The recruiter will be in front of the College and Career Center on the first Thursday of each month.  Come on by to get all you questions answered.  (Taveira 11/21-11/30)

v STUDENTS!!!!  When you call to have your parents pick you up because you’re sick PLEASE come wait for them in the Clinic!  I CANNOT disrupt your classroom by calling or sending notes to get you!  Thanks.  (Clinic 11/2-11/30)

v Students! Please attend tutoring for academic purposes.  If you are misbehaving and asked to leave you will need to call a parent to pick you up and will not be permitted to ride the late bus.  (Cohen 11/10-11/22)

v Students!  The ASVAB (Vocational Test) will be given onsite on December 2nd at 8:00 AM in the Rifle Range.  See Taveira in the Career Center to sign up.  This is open to Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.  (Taveira 11/18-12/1)

v Students!  Are you interested in a Letterman Jacket?  The Athletic Department has an advertisement card from NEFFCO.  Stop by the main office and pick up or snap a pic of the card.  Rock’in a Letterman Jacket might be a thing!  (Sterett 11/17-12/15)

v The Cougar Den is running a sale on Apparel.  T-Shirts range from $5 to $12.  All other items are on sale at reduced prices.  Come by and do your Holiday Shopping at the Cougar Den.  (J. Calonico 11/16-12/15)

v There will be a National Honor Society meeting today at lunch in room 218.  (B. Kelley 11/22)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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